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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Esimumm Mesimumm
Date of birth: August 2008, Tartu
Sex: Aadlisoost
Adress: Kreutzwaldi 52, Tartu
Phone number: (+372) 731 3049
Facebook: Esimumm Mesimumm
Marital status: Fancy- free




2008- … Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Meadow and Lea Development


Work and voluntary service

2008-… guardian of Estonian University of Life Sciences student council

2008-… 1st of September ceremony; university and student council events, Teeviit, Intellektika and other fairs, Student Days


Additional information

Hobbies: Adventures! Participating in student events that end at dry cleaners, with casted wings and a month long rehabilitation. Dancing, singing and flag bearing.
Favourite food: cow candies and pollen
Achievements: Definitely starring in Reporter.
Characteristics: Adventurous, with a soul of a student, always smiling, hardworking and honest