How it all started?

On the 15th day of the new year, nearly 30 Estonian Academy of Agriculture students gathered at the Faculty of Mechanization. Because well-known activists had come – as they used to say, something was hanging in the air. The trick would be to look for a common idea that would unite all students. A great ideological merger has already run aground once.

There is also a need for an economic organization that would help students organize their lives and, in the general prevailing chaos, would represent students on the side of the rectorate, if necessary, also at higher levels.

Perhaps one thinks, is such an organization necessary? Let there be complete anarchy and self-existence.

On behalf of 30 students, I think it is!”

Arne Sõna /Academy of Agriculture/ no. 2

thursday, January 25, 1990.

The Student Council of the Estonian Academy of Agriculture was officially established on February 22, 1990 (it was a Thursday), the university was managed by rector Olev Saveli. The main building of the Estonian Academy of Agriculture was located at Riia 12, the student council operated in room 213. The composition of Student Council I was 10 members.